Last but not least, Jayne & Mary


This is my page.  I opted not to use any of the Island Oasis designer series paper because my top was pretty busy by itself.  I do love using the eyelet border punch, half pearls and ribbon for embellishments so that's what I did.


This is my daugher Mary who is the mother three precious little boys.  They are smart, handsome and congenial.  I am so richly blessed to have them in my life.

This is the last of the 26 pages of our scrapbook for Jenna.  All of the embellishments were hand-made using Stampin' UP! Sizzix dies or punches.  We did a lot of layering to create color without taking away from our focal photo.  The Digital Design Studio came in handy when we had multiple photos on a given page.  

My next big project will be the Family Cookbook.  Any ideas? 

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Generations Above


This is my Aunt Ruth who is the last living sibling of my mom's generation.  She lives in Branson, MO.


This page is dedicated to my Grandma, Mom and Aunt Polly who were the best of our family.  They were our role-models in every sense.  A real tear-jerker to everyone who sees this book.  If they were still with us, they would be bawling their eyes out too at how awesome our family is today.

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Sharon & Morgan


Sharon is a lovely lady that our family just adores.  She recently came to St. Louis on business and all of the first cousins here in St.Louis met her at Union Station for dinner.  I treasure anytime our family gets together. 


Morgan is Mick & Sharon's daughter who is going to be a beautiful young lady some day. 

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Debi & Ashley


Debi is my first cousin Chuck's wife. The last time Chuck and his family were in St. Louis for a visit was about 25 years ago.  Through Facebook, we get to keep in touch so I feel like I see her all the time.


Ashley is Chuck and Debi's daughter.  I notice in this picture that she has her hand on a Vitamix which gives us something in common.  Love those fruit smoothies–yum!!!.

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Lynette & Her Girls


Lynette is also my first cousin and Nancy's sister.  As kids we did something together almost every week during the summer.  It may have been a picnic at January Wabash Park, or Forest Park with a trip to the St. Louis Zoo.  We laugh today about those lunches of ham salad sandwiches (that were really bologna salad sandwiches) and watered down koolaid.   

At least once every summer we drove down to see our Aunt Imogene who lived in Bloomsdale, MO.  As soon as we got their, Aunt Imogene would catch a chicken &  chop off it's head.  Chickens really do run around with their head.  SHe would fry the chicken for our lunch.  Our mom's would be yelling at us stay out of the creek as we headed straight to it.  First we'd wade barefoot, then we'd roll up our pant legs to our knees and go in a little deeper and then what the heck, on in we went clothes and all.  It was so much fun.  Good thing I had brothers to pull off the leaches.

The picture of Lynette was taken at a family birthday celebration we had for the March birthdays last year.  Dave bought her three balloons that combined, added up to her age.  Take a guess what the 3rd balloon said.


Dawn is married to Lynette's son, Nathan.  They are an Air Force family with 4 children.  Nathan and Dawn have just returned from a mission trip to Haiti.


Arianna is Dawn's daughter who is becoming quite the young lady.  I have not spent any time with Arianna but I get to see pictures and hear stories from her very proud Grandma.

 Jennifer G

Jennifer is Lynette's daughter-in-law and is a sweet southern belle.  She moved from Natchez, MS to St. Louis when she and Scotty married, leaving her home and family. Of course It took all of 2 seconds for her to become a part of our family.  I am so proud of her.  She was recently named Nurse of the Year for SSM Healthcare and promoted to Nurse Manager on the telemetry floor at St. Joseph's Hospital.

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Nancy & Her Girls


Nancy is my first cousin.  She was the first in the family to move all the way over across the river to St. Charles.  Now she's move even farther away.  I've seen the before of this house and can't wait to see the stunning fireplace, laid brick by brick from ceiling to floor, and all the rest of their plans brought to fruition.

Back in our single days, we used to go to the movies, ballgames and the Muny.  Anyone wanting to give us free tickets, we were there.  Do you know where you saw the movie Love Story?  Nancy, Lynette & I ventured downtown to the Stadium Cinema to see it when it first came to the big screen. 


Kristen is Nancy's daughter who was recently married last fall.  She was a stunning bride and her wedding was beautiful.  This photo was taken on her Hawiaiin honeymoon.


Brandi is Nancy's stepdaughter and is very ambitious.  She graduated from high school and went straight to college.  Brandi and I have a few things in common.  Until her dad married Nancy, she, like me, was the youngest of three children and the only girl.  Both of her brothers are in the Air Force just as mine were when I graduated from high school. 

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