Pam, Jennifer & the Girls


Pam is married to my brother Dave.  She is from Granity City, IL.  The Dawdy's were our neighbors at our cabin on the Illinois River in Nutwood, IL.  We have some great memories of our time spent on Pecan Grove.  The flood of '93 wiped out all of those cabins when the levy broke. 


Jennifer is Dave & Pam's oldest daughter who lives in Witchita, Kansas.  I sure wish she lived closer so that we could see her more. 


My great-neice Abi is Jennifer's oldest daughter.  She gets prettier everytime I see her.  The photo used in this layout was taken at her 11th birthday party.  The icing on the cake is the infamous Aunt Polly's icing that is loved by all of our family.


Dani is also my great-neice and Jennifer's youngest daughter.  Based on what I heard coming out of the bathroom this week, I believe she will be an opera singer.  She is a hoot!

Posted on : Jul 06 2010
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