Don’t tell my grandson David that you saw his picture on my blog.  He’ll shoot me.  But I had to post it because 1) he’s adorable, 2) he’s my BFF and 3) he did a very good job at following the rules.  He made this picture to give to his 1st grade teacher on his last day of school.  I gave him the retired stamp set Crayola Kids and gave him his rule.  He could use as many colors as he wanted however he could only use a color one at a time.  He must close the stamp pad and clean the stamp each time he changed colors.  He did a great job a following the rules and for a 6 year old, I think he did a fine job

When I went to Grandparents day at school, when his teacher addressed the class, she would say, “Frieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeends?”  And all of the students would respond in unison by saying, “Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.”  Too cute.  So this picture is of him and his teacher and he is saying, “Frieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeends?”

 Grandkids……They are fabulous.  I am so Blessed!!!!!


Posted on : May 28 2012
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